Comparative analysis of exterior design between two models LADA X RAY and LADA VESTA SW CROSS

There are a lot of publications and reviews which were published in internet about LADA X RAY and LADA VESTA SW CROSS, and it’s been created a plenty of videos for those cars. Besides of that, you can find some specific characteristics in term of technical questions and the way how you are going to use the car. Furthermore, you may find advantages and disadvantages of them. However, in these kind of articles there is not mentioned about visual content of the car, in other words there is no or less description about style and design things. In this research you will find comparative analysis of stylistic features of exterior view, subtle things in design point of view.

LADA X RAY and LADA VESTA SW CROSS — are two different cars. They have two different type of package and body, and have different design as well. It should be considered that X RAY was made before realize of VESTA SW CROSS. The more interesting thing is that the level of execution is also different in these cars. In this case model VESTA SW CROSS looks better and successful than X RAY. If we regard these models from composition and proportion point of view, we will find significant differences. So, VESTA SW Cross has the consistent and harmonized elements of its body. At the first glance on the car there is no visual dissonance. There is a feeling that designers considered and fixed all the issues, which were there in that car. Moreover, black painted body of X RAY looks like more mistaken than lighter one.

Compare both front views of each cars we can make a conclusion, that: LADA VESTA SW CROSS looks sportier, dynamic than hatchback. This feeling gets out because that all the lines overflow organically and augment each other. There is no element or line in external view which might be breaking the entire composition. Each line emphasizes, enhances athletic look of the station wagon.

External view of X RAY says different — it catches an eye by details which stand out from united compositional idea. For example, fog lamps touch chrome piece, meanwhile they could lie on one axel line with it or be apart like on station wagon. Horizontal lines of the X RAY grill look sagging, out of consistence with the rest design and bottom line of the hood. Chrome pieces in the front which associated with «X» theme lay out of the composition with side surfaces of the body (they are supported with no line or shape on the side). The top part of the chrome inserts is out of the composition with headlamps. There are a lot of diagonal lines which don’t fit with each other. Besides of that, the number plate recess at VESTA SW CROSS is made in a better way and fit well with «X» theme.

On the side view we can see the same story as on the front. As it seen the entire length of the car looks like stretched a bit due to connections of body side stamp features and headlamps and rear lamps. Also it makes the whole contour of the car more dynamic. Hatchback has the opposite feeling: stamps are shorter and not connected with lamps, which visually makes car compact. Herewith the body from rocker part till the DLO line looks heavy and even lower stamps don’t help either. They look like an unnecessary elements, out the rest design. The massive middle part of the body doesn’t support with anything on the top. D pillar looks like very thin.

Despite of many horizontal lines on X RAY rear, it still looks like flat and not 3D and it gives some impression of static thing.

VESTA SW CROSS has the better ratio of proportions, lines and volumes in the rear part. To add to this it has the better overall connection with all parts of the body.


Pic.1. LADA VESTA SW. ¾ front view


Pic.2. Side view LADA VESTA SW


Pic.3. LADA VESTA SW. ¾ Rear view


Pic.4. LADA X RAY. ¾ Front view


Pic.5. LADA X RAY in black body. ¾ Front view


Pic.6. Side view of LADA X RAY


Pic.7. LADA X RAY ¾ Rear view


Pic.8. Compressed side view helps to define the curvature of belt line. It is broken in the C pillar area of X RAY. Curvature is irregular.


Pic.9. LADA VESTA SW. Curvature of the belt line is consistent


Pic.10. ¾ Front view comparison


Pic.11. Side view comparison


Pic.12. ¾ Rear view comparison

Thus, after making comparative analysis and found out features of form factors by both models we may make a conclusion that LADA design is getting improved and balanced, sophisticated. There is a tendency of making precise attention to details, harmonizing in the whole composition.

In this article were used private photos and materials published at