Regarding the SUV models of different brands of recent years, it is possible to discover a common stylistic approach in shaping the front part of the vehicle; the composition of the basic elements (lighting and grille) is based differently from the classical scheme. In the classical scheme, as a rule, low beam, high beam are combined into a single unit with turn signal and daytime running lights. Thus, the headlamp can be close to the grille (composed in it), and exists separately in different variations [see Fig.1. A comparison between the new scheme and traditional in term of placing the headlamps].


Fig.1. A comparison between the new scheme and traditional in term of placing the headlamps.

The difference of the new scheme from the classic is that daytime performed, typically by using led technology, out of a single block lights; they become one of the main design elements of the front. One of the first who started to implement such kind of scheme was a Nissan, for example Nissan Juke 2011. Often led daytime running lights are located at the parting line of the hood and bumper, visually emphasize the horizontal component of the composition. The main unit is placed below the DRL and linked into a single element [see Fig.2. Representatives of the new scheme] with the radiator grille or located independently. The variability of the new scheme greatly increased, as there is one individual element of the composition DRL (day running lights). It opens up more possibilities in design. So, due to flexible using of the led daytime running lights (they can be placed eventually unlimited), it became possible to focus on the design, and graphically highlight the characteristic features of a particular brand.











Fig.2. Representatives of the new scheme.

Nowadays there are exist following cars (regarded as the mass production samples and concept cars), which are used in design new scheme: Nissan Juke, Jeep Cherokee, Kia KX3, Mitsubishi EX, Lexus NX, Nio ES8, Baojun 510, Lynk&Co 01, Citroen C5 Aircross, Kona Hyundai, Hyundai FCEV, FIAT Toro — a sort of pickup and SUV.

It should be noted that the new scheme is the result of development of automotive lighting and innovative technologies and materials.

Also in automotive design, there is an border (transition) variants of classical and new schemes. For example, let’s regard the following automobiles: [see Fig.3. Representatives of the transitional scheme]. As a rule, this scheme is built by following things: DRL is partly outside of the headlight Assembly, while the overall composition of the frontal part may remain in the classic scheme (in the center of the grille, and on the same theoretical line, on either side of it lights).





Fig.3. Representatives of the transitional scheme.

Thus, the new layout of the led daytime running lights offers great opportunities to design. Moreover, the development of automotive lighting equipment, along with innovative materials and technologies has a direct impact for the formation of the appearance of the car, helps to identify the brand. (see. Medelets N. Thesis. Form factors of the car (the technological aspect)