From 19 to 28 April 2017 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC) held an international motor show. After reviewing most of the exposure, and this is extremely difficult given the complex area of 400,000 square meters and its 4-story section for the observing which will require an average of about 6−7 hours; it was decided to organize the materials and to answer the question: what exist today.

I classified trends by following groups:

1. SUV tendencies. Tendencies, which are related to the character body type of the car (in most cases it was shown SUV at the exhibition);

2. Common tendencies, which are met at the whole types and classes of cars.

1. SUV tendencies

The grill as a dominant feature

The grill or empty space for it as in case with EV cars proportionally takes more than half from general composition on the front.

Active horizontal line

Horizontal line divides hood and grill or splits it by the edge and stands out from the entire composition of the front face of the car.


2. Common tendencies

Dynamic graphics

Parametric graphics elements are still in time and actively develop in transforming to details garnish or independent elements and units of the body.

dynamic graphics.jpg

Thus, it can be concluded that despite the variety of forms and stylistic features in the design, there are some fashion trends that combines models of different automotive brands.