Currently Nikita has a very short visits in our town — it happens just when he meets his parents. But this year, on his 30th birthday, he made a gift to all citizens.

In the framework of the festival «Art-Ovrag», an exhibition of his works «Design on a curve» and passed to the appropriate master class. Now Nikita is on an internship in China, but before his departure we managed to meet and talk about automotive design, the automobile industry in General, and even a little about the meaning of life.

— Once the issue of exhibition. Why are we ahead of the children’s drawing contest called «Rally in the past» why not «in future» or something else?

— Among the competitions held in the Internet and the design community, the theme of «how will the concept of this brand in 2025» is often asked. I also wanted to take another angle, so I offered to dream on the design techniques of yesteryear. No restrictions permissible to apply to historical events, personalities, and fabulous characters. The kids responded and we received 40 bright works.

— You too often play the role of contestant. For example, outside of this interview talked about a competition of Audi in Russia, where, conventionally, it was possible to make a car for the Russian fairy-tale character. What is a hero then choose?

— I did a vehicle for Koshchey Immortal.

— Something like a coffin with wheels and chains?

— Rather, it was something like a race car whose design was used paraphernalia with which is associated the bone

— Held in the framework of the exhibition a master class — the first when «tried on» the role of the teacher?

— In Vyksa, Yes. A little practice I already had: at the Moscow Institute of business and design taught students design graphics, painting and drawing. Well, in addition, is invited as the reviewer for the thesis of graduates of Department of design of means of transport in the Moscow state art-industrial Academy. S. G. Stroganov.

— The exhibition was prepared for the 30th anniversary. This kind of milestone?

— Yes, this is the date on which it is already possible to present to others a report on the work done.

— All boys play with cars, but You must have interest in engineering was special?

— In my childhood I went to art school and curiously watched as Alexey Vdovin, the same a boy like me, draws robots, warships, aircraft. On this basis, we have become friends with him and probably thanks to him I became interested in this topic. Parents interest support: dad, for example, bought the designers of the aircraft and we took them along with him, some even ran. And when the question arose of what to be thinking about a profession that would combine both technical and artistic origins. The choice fell on the Department of industrial design at Nizhny Novgorod University of architecture and construction. But if at that moment there was the Internet and would like to learn more about what offer the Stroganov Academy, MAMI — universities, purposefully preparing automotive designers, then do not hesitate to go.

— So how in the end we established cooperation with the Academy behalf of the Stroganov?

— A long roundabout way. Studying in architecture and construction, I knew that I wanted to move it in the direction of automotive design, though, and after graduating from this University. And already having served in the army, went to graduate school in the all-Russian research Institute of technical aesthetics. Thought it will help me achieve my goal. Partly turned, for example, there are Dating in a specific area. Then, by the way, and began a collaboration with the Art school.

— Study was given easily?

— No, because to fake the design is impossible, even when you’re learning. In the works once all seen. But automotive design as a «sweet» goal for many ambitious guys. Competition is great, you have to constantly prove you’re better than the rest.

— Now go on an internship to China, and as a car designer. What are the expectations?

— I already had a two-week work experience with this firm, after which I was offered a full six-month internship. There is nothing to fear. I looked closer, I realized what the team will work, what to expect, and know that you do not have to relax. My expectations… I Hope to Express themselves fully.

— What language will communicate?

— In English. Although friends tell me: «You now just have to learn Chinese». If you have spare time, I will try to master it.

— The profession of «car designer» in demand?

— Yes. But the trend is that in the near future, most demand will be experts not so much the scope of car design, as of developing new types of transport. In the cities a very large crowd of cars, hence a number of serious problems. Therefore, it is time, says well-known car designer Vladimir Pirozhkov to go on another transport. For example, to consider not only the wheel, but even flying.

— And when we’ll be able to go by taxi?

— Experimental development is. Major deterrent — the oil lobby and the unwillingness of society to such changes. It is not enough just to create a new form of transport, he will need new manufacturing, infrastructure, etc. is a difficult Task, but to solve it will have.

— Who among automotive designers are close to You?

— Hard to say, because car designers, as players move from one firm to another. Today he worked on the Audi tomorrow — KIA. Today makes a premium brand tomorrow — budget brand. And I wouldn’t want to single anyone out, because in the creative activities each have their good and bad decisions. Speaking of brands, I like doing now KIA, Citroen, Audi, BMW.

— And what car would get for yourself?

— Driver's license I have, but need in personal transport yet. In theory, I would have chosen for practical reasons — with low fuel consumption, small size. For the city dweller will fit hatchback or combination of hatchback and crossover.

— In Vyksa, hometown, come often?

— Possibly try on the weekend, on vacation.

— Is it easy to be the son of journalists — mother many years working in «Vyksunsky worker», dad worked for «Vyksa-TV»?

— Frankly, I never wanted to follow in their footsteps. Yes, it was interesting to go with my dad to the shooting, to be in the center of events — the same arrival of the Americans in 1996 went to savasleika. This was an inspiration in his own work. I once «drank» things literary in the period of study in graduate school, had to work on articles for various magazines. And, I will say, it is a hard work. Although it would seem, sit, write, as they say, «don't unload the cars the same». But in the present intellectual fatigue, fatigue. And work at night generally has become the norm for journalists and researchers. As designers also bring the projects to a mind in any time of the day.

— That is for Hobbies, not enough time?

— Automotive design is also part of my hobby. But when given the time, read books, play sports (if sedentary work is a necessity). Love, like many, to meet friends, go to movies and concerts.

— As set to work, than looking for inspiration?

— Sometimes the idea comes after reading the book. Sometimes it helps to view the sketches of other designers. Someone else’s work inspires you not to stop, to continue, to create something original. In automotive design this is especially difficult, because much has been done, the groundwork has been laid.

For the most part work in car design, with standard models, is the work of a stylist. For concept you can come up with the most unexpected moves, and for mass production — especially not «clear». But there is a good example of how people create new mass production: the philosophy of the X-ray. The chief designer «AVTOVAZ» Steve Mattin could offer the chip, through which the machine stands out thanks to special graphics (note the bumper and sides, through which the X rays).

— Times talking about «AVTOVAZ». Have faith in the domestic auto industry?

— Yes.

— And You are an optimist, a dreamer or a realist?

— I am an optimist. The domestic auto industry gradually, I think, building up momentum, and I believe in its revival. There would be a possibility, with pleasure would go to work on the same vases, or GAS, another thing is that the staff there equipped. I want to mention, many Russian specialists in the automotive industry are in demand abroad. So, Sasha Selipanov is the chief designer exteriors creative designs of Bugatti, Inna Kondakova work chief-interior designer at Alfa Romeo.

— In a large company I would like in future to work for yourself?

— Audi.

— Do you have another design experience except car design?

— When I was in College, dabbled in as a graphic designer — created brochures, interior designer, web-designer — made interfaces for your website, broadcast designer, in particular designed brand style headpieces and developed the script for the commercials «Vyksa-TV». It was the experience of the designer exhibition stands. From the latest promotional comics for manufacturers of yogurt (I never would have thought that I would have to do something similar).

— Automotive philosophy previously touched on, go to Your. Looking for the meaning of life or have found?

— Do what you must, come what may. That’s my philosophy today.

— And You all set goals are not long term, and such — for a day or two?

— Try not only to raise but to achieve. And it turns out. Know that even if today could not, tomorrow, after tomorrow all the same will achieve the. The main thing is not to stop and to go forward, no matter how hard the path.

— Question as a person and designer. What is more important — form or content?

— 50 on 50. It is important to have everything in harmony.