Machine turned something in-between fire trucks, police «Bobby» and hippie limo. The pinnacle of creation was crowned with glowing flashing lights… And no one — neither the parents of young artist, not even he himself could not know that the pattern twenty years, will lead the presentation booth professional cardesigner, candidate of art criticism, Nikita Medelets… could not Know, but drawing was saved!

Graduated with honour in the University, postgraduate education, the thesis is about the deep connection the design of passenger vehicles with advanced structural materials, lots of studies, scientific publications, certificates of prestigious conferences, impressive range of training, standard level international network of experts Autodesk Education Expert Network… And personal creative exhibition in his native Vyksa on the day of opening the fifth festival of new urban culture!

Nikita presented their professional projects and developments, enthusiastically spoke about the areas of work. And then congratulated the winners of children’s drawing competition «the Rally in the past» students of the Vyksa «art films» which, by the way, at one time very successfully completed himself. But that’s not all. Nikita held for boys and girls a master class of design. Joint work with students was no less exciting than the collaboration with renowned designers. Guys together with voluntary teacher, albeit only on paper, created a unprecedented car. Young artists according to the specified designs drawing machine for racing, emergency, firemen. All were satisfied. Especially the initiator.

— Warmly thank the Museum staff and all volunteers, without them nothing would have been possible. Usually colleagues hold similar workshops on a fee basis that, in my opinion, unacceptable. After all, what has been said about the decline of the domestic auto! Popular nicknames of serial models of emotional to lock: «tick», «chisel», «keychain KAMAZ», «a pregnant antelope» and so on. However, the Russian automotive design conference in demand abroad, in Europe and Asia, the American continent. Sure, Russia is rich in talents, and begin their search as early as possible. And to produce professionals need to provide all the necessary conditions. You see, our Russian car industry will start to produce competitive products. I myself was wondering «to go» as a teacher, mentor, opener of the children’s graphical abilities, it may be possible to encourage someone to choose a difficult, but interesting profession of artist-designer, or as it is now called — designer, Creator, and designer of the new world.

In the end, the organizers and the arrangers of the talent show came to a common conclusion — the last event worthy to be approved as a traditional, annual, for, as rightly said Nikita: «to cultivate professionals, you need to provide all necessary conditions». In Vyksa are doing everything to ensure that these conditions create.

In July, Nikita will travel for training at the invitation of renowned Chinese automotive companies, engaged in automotive design and engineering… And in the archive «Red dawn» left an autograph of our countryman, talented young designer, of course, with a great future. Maybe even «hope of the domestic automobile industry».